Mar. 12th, 2011

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I am somewhat biting my tongue at the moment as this all us still in progress and we are already suffering far, far too much bad reporting out of the 24hr news cycle that must be talking AT ALL TIMES. But I'll give my professional opinions:

1) Bad, no good, awful. No matter how this turns out, at ~40yrs old this reactor is done for.
2) This is no Chernobyl. It may end worse than Three Mile Island. At TMI at least all the safety systems worked and the building hadn't been hit by a massive earthquake.
3) No one EVER builds the outbuildings as well as the reactor is. Once again, a vulnerable subsystem in an outbuilding threatens to bring a reactor down.
4) It is going to suck to be a local for some time. Yes, there is going to be some local radioactive material releases.
5) Seriously, I want to stab people at several media outlets. You are not making this already bad problem better.

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This is the face of a man tired of watching CNN clips.

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