Jun. 14th, 2010 10:59 am
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Between an impromptu Scientific Drinking Sideshow at the St. George Distillery, my first games of Magic in years, the endless angry bee drone of World Cup soccer, complete musical *DOMINATION* with formal wear bowling (pics to follow), and then more World Cup hive with Ethiopian food & coffee, there is not enough sleep in the world.  I primarily blame [livejournal.com profile] slowbob for this.  Luckily, there is Sumatra BBotE in my fridge here in the office.

This week, nominally speaking, has nothing planned than a truly epic campaign of BBotE prior to leaving for Australia & NZ which, pleasantly, is a fairly mindless and restful activity.  I have a continent to caffeinate...
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By popular request, on June 12th, 11:30pm to 1:30am, at Granada Bowl in Livermore, we shall take to the lanes once more in our finest fines to roll in style and *DOMINATE* the music request list in honor of the passing of [livejournal.com profile] graymalkn with another round of Formal Wear Bowling.  Pictorial evidence of the first round of Formal Wear Bowling can be found here.  A brief FAQ:

Q: Can I wear a tuxedo?
A: You may.

Q: I like my kilt.  Is a Bonnie Prince Charlie okay?
A: Of course you can.

Q: How about a zoot suit?
A: You have one of those?

Q: Do hoop skirts and corsets work?  I've got all this Faire/Civil War garb I don't get to use enough.
A: If you are up for the challenge of navigating a bowling bowl around all that, sure.

Q: I only own sweatpants and a curry stained work t-shirt.  Am I still allowed to come?
A: Oh, okay, but at least wash them first.  Stay classy!

Heather, AKA [livejournal.com profile] bilunabirotunda, is the keeper of the music list.  It is our goal to keep the suburban white high school kids' hip hop from ever defiling the speakers with our complete, total, and utter domination of the music request list whilst looking stunning and throwing rocks.  Dancing in the lanes is encouraged...particularly when "The Safety Dance" and "Hot Hot Hot" come up.

This is not an exclusive invitation to the bounds of my friendslist.  Even if you never met Erik but this sounds like a celebration of awesome and you want to play, you are welcome to join because a celebration of awesome is exactly what this is.  Use of porn name (any variation of your middle name + the street name of any street you lived on as a child) as bowling name is strongly encouraged; I am Ed Gold. 

The only somber note we intend to introduce is that at least one lane will have the player "Graymalkn" on it.  Please come take a throw on it when he's up.  Don't worry about bowling badly on the memorial game; he never broke 100 while in his monkey suit.

See you there.
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And thus, the world is a good place.
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This Friday evening you have a golden opportunity make the lives of others just a little bit more surreal. 

As I have mentioned before, every Friday and Saturday night, Granada bowl has video request blacklight bowling.  The musical tastes of the suburban high school students that normally frequent it are...questionable.  They become most upset if you start making videos like Genesis' "Jesus He Knows Me" come up rather than Fergie's "Fergilicious".  When you manage to absorb 40 minutes of straight music, well, you *DOMINATE*.

Last time we went, I chose to wear my South Pole winterover commemerative utilikilt.  This got some interesting looks. 

This time, all comers are requested to wear formal wear, as if you were heading to the ball or a hell of a night on the town.  A tuxedo or gown is not mandatory, but at least shoot for dress shirt and tie. 

HANDY COST SAVING TIP: leather soled shoes, as is typical of dress shoes, are perfectly fine to bowl in; no shoe rental is necessary.

Check in begins at 11:15pm and runs until 1:30am.  The cost is $13.  Drop me a line if you feel like coming.

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