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Immortality gives you eternity to contemplate what you did wrong and no escape, yet it is a prison that is desperately sought by so many.  

The first party that ran in my world dealt largely with themes of immortality, definitions of, methods to attain, and then what to do with forever on your hands.  This is one immortal's fate.

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My girl is an awesome girl in part because she makes things like this.

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A good ways south of where the party is now, they once went to visit a stately home. They did so in order to speak with professor who supposedly incited a riot that led to the deaths of several minor nobles. Academician Lord Marcus Kellan was put under arrest by the Cheka of the County of Haufen and subjected to noble justice.

Nobles are privileged. They get to have the private law the word implies. It is not necessarily a more civilized one.

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Before heading out to uncharted lands, the party did some time, in the penal sense of time, in the largest city in the Palatinate, Goldenfork.  They were given to Detective-Inspector Dezet with a snigger by the assigning officer at the Constabulary of Goldenfork to help him with his neverending quest to solve the Smilin' Jack Vampire Killings from the previous century.  The party came as close as ever to catching Jack before it all went wrong.  Dezet released them in the hopes that they'd catch Jack.  The party left Goldenfork faster than a Irishman flees a bar without whiskey.


A Lonely Dwarf )

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The party has had several other members at one time or another.  Some have had less than wonderful departures.  I give you the second coming of Constable Stefan Engel.

Stefan's Ride South )
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I bring the first in the D&D Perspectives Series, wherein in I, DM Extraordinaire, relate the experiences and feelings of the victims of player character depradations.  For this first episode, I bring you Brenlin M'Ossusend M'Or, an undead elf of the Ossusendi Clan of the Or Tribe.  It had recently returned from a raiding mission for a little bit of rest and recuperation in its ossuary sconce in a nearby barrow mound. 

Brenlin's End )


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