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Nick Johnson has committed suicide:

He really wanted to go back to the happy tranquility of Antarctica after Afghanistan. A lot. The letter from Lockheed-Martin Antarctic Support was...not kind. "Hey, that thing you did about the place you love? Fuck you very much." The fact that there were two job offers, and then a last-minute rescinding of them, means that the background checks were good, he passed the physical & psych qualifications, but someone had a grudge and yanked it. I can only assume that was the last straw.

Big Dead Place, both the book and the website, are the most honest, and often hilarious, picture of Antarctica and the trying labor situation working there. Of the beauty of the continent, the bizarre but wonderful people that choose to go, and the absolutely insane attempt to impose corporate culture on the Ice by various US gov't contractors.

I let you know because you are all fans of the bizarre, the beautiful, and enjoy taking a chainsaw to the needlessly cruel corporate. I encourage you all to have a dig through his website and, in your copious free time, his book.

I will miss his insight into a continent I left a decade ago. His insight into blundering organizations is, sadly, evergreen.

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