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Speaking as a man, I own insufficient tools but there is good reason for this. I do not, in general, have the mechanical aptitude to justify a workshop worth of tools. I only have a plastic bin worth.

However, as a man of a scientific persuasion, my powers of jury rig are quite impressive. These are built by forever not having enough money, the correct tools, and/or even the right parts to a task which may not be defined as you try to do it. This is why if you ask me for a monkeywrench, you're in trouble. If you ask me for precision screwdriver sets, I can give you three...each...of any size or type, metric or standard.

Behold der wissenschaftenstein Mk II, The ChemKeg Dominator, with the Mk I by it's side.

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Been awake three hours on this, the first day of my taking one for the UC Regents. Laundry is done. Vacuuming is complete. A fresh batch of Costa Rica Black Blood of the Earth is steeping. Kitties have fresh poopins. This all feels like more of an accomplishment than a day of paperwork.

In other news, I won Oktoberfest mit der wissenschaftenstein. If I had a steady supply of bench top dewars, I think I'd have a new boutique craft business based on the number of people who declared "OMG I WANT ONE" and didn't flinch at my estimated price.

In summation, beer.

And, for comparative size, this is der wissenschaftenstein sitting next to a 1L maB.

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