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Just to cover all bases for maximum whorebaggery, there's only 3 weeks left on the "Oktoberfest" coupon code for  Oktberfest proper begins this Saturday, so if you want a Stein of Science and you're in Germany it's probably too late already.  However, the coupon continues through the end of Oktoberfest proper on October 4th.  Just because Oktoberfest ended doesn't mean Scientific Drinking does.

And yes, the coupon code works for Black Blood of the Earth too.

Here endeth the LJ whorebaggery.  Now, I have a new album from The Duke of Uke to go buy. *pimppimpimp*
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It is that time of year again, except this year I actually get to participate instead of just consuming.

Sometime December-ish, the Our Internet Monkey King, the [ profile] benchilada, performs his state & hosptial mandated public service to assist the world with holiday shopping as the clock runs down on the month lest we all have to join him in the bouncy room. I've found THE BIG SHILL to be a gold mine of gifts for the last two years, so go forth and check it out. It tends to update rather often, so its worth going back to check again and again to see what's popped up since you were last there five minutes ago. If you too create things, you are welcome to participate in the shameless whorebaggery and pimp thyself.

Also, Dr. [ profile] warren_ellis (OBE, VC, Internet Jesus) has compiled another lovely etsy list on his little bit of Hyde Corner-On-Internet,

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[ profile] tongodeon provides good reading and decent rational/pragmatic thought on a wide variety of topics.

Today, he relates his tale of righteous battle with the goddamn auto warranty telemarketers who are a plague upon both my work desk and cell phone.

He barely survived.

He deserves some ice cream.

Go forth, read, and enjoy.
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I have found that my music collection grows by leaps and bounds due to the opening acts of bands I go to see.

From the Flogging Molly show, I picked up The Dead Pets.  They are music that Vyv can get in front of and headbutt thusly.

Last Friday, at the Dresden Dolls, I was introduced to the MK Ultra-talents of Sxip Shirey, itinerant circus music composer and player of mutant musical instruments.  Like Mr. Bungle and Danny Elfman, he gives me the crazy clown music I need to make it through the day only more so.  His 25 minutes on stage were far too short and I spent them thinking of [profile] slowboband a dimly lit circus full of knife wielding animals.  I'm special that way.

Also, I have word that David King, THE Duke of Uke, has a new album coming out.    He is concentrated liquid awesome with retsin and needs to be consumed in mass quantities.  I recommend buying one, two, many, lots of his album.  They make delightful holiday gifts.

Go forth and consume.

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I was going to tell you all to read [profile] atomic_robo in my typical ascerbic tones, but really the [personal profile] benchilada did this far better than I could.  So, I pass his words to you.  Incidentally, if you don't all start reading the [personal profile] benchilada's fine works of fuckbrainry and Sir Reginald I may have to rub an infected coolie on you.

God invented SARS because you aren't reading [profile] atomic_robo[profile] .

That's right, God saw that you aren't reading [profile] atomic_robo and became so angry that he flew backwards in time, like Superman did in that one movie, only faster, and created SARS!

God would be more inclined to, as a sort of apology, make lima beans taste and brussel sprouts taste like buttered heroin if you read [profile] atomic_robo.

But he can't undo SARS.

Being omnipotent and omniscient means when that when you travel back in time to fight yourself--even if you're just wanting to unmake SARS--it's really dull, since each one of you knows what the other one's next move is going to be, and that that next move will DESTROY EVERYTHING EVER, and both of you end up getting bored and having a few beers before going home and watching Godzilla vs. Gigan.



One more time, that's [personal profile] benchilada and [profile] atomic_robo.  I could crush your head like a nut, but I won't, because I need GO!

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