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 As of last night, I am now the owner of a pair of Vibram Fivefingers shoes. After a week and change of befuddled complaining about an index toe that felt bruised as if I'd kicked something, but on both feet, I finally figured out that it was due to continuous curling from a foot panicky about losing a shoe it was sliding in.

Reading the literature, they were very emphatic about easing in to them by only wearing them a few hours a day at first as your stride changes to fit this shoe style. Putting them on felt remarkably comfortable as does walking in them. My stride doesn't need to change; wearing normal shoes is what is strange for me, not being barefoot. When at all possible, I tend to wear sandals of go barefoot and I've been doing that for as long as I can remember. My mother hoped moving to much colder California from Florida would break me off the habit when I was little but it didn't.

While I would still like a pair of dress shoes or boots made specifically for my feet, though I do not have the several thousand dollars to spend on this at the moment, these will do me fine as closed toed shoes at work for the time being.

My barefoot/sandal accustomed stride also helps explain the "rolling step" heavy wear pattern my shoes have always had. Trying to walk like I was barefoot in normal shoes also explains why my feet hurt so often.
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But two Manhattans and an 100mL Ultra 7-Up+ have made me want to find a cobbler.  Not a shoe fixin' dude, but someone to make shoes custom fit for me.  Shoes that will fit my bizzare mutant asymmetrical wide feet.  I want fine boots made for me that are actually comfortable.  If anyone would like to nominate themselves as birthday shoe fairy, I will volunteer my feet for fitting (I'm required to remain attached to my feet in a living condition).  Hell, I'll settle for a reference to someone within a 500 mile radius of Livermore that will actually make shoes from scratch.

Internets...I set you to your task.

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