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Do not, under any  circumstances, create the Black Blood of the Earth (BBotE) using a flavored coffee.  I can't speak to the flavor yet, but the environmental consequences are severe.

I just did this with a pound of french vanilla coffee, all at once.  1 pound of coffee + 2L of water = approximately 900mL of BBotE

When you get to the straining step to free the precious black ichor from the grounds, the 50ml first poured through the filter yielded enough oil to completely saturate it.  Of course, the act of pouring also aerosolizes oils as well.  My home now smells like a cathouse where the whores rub themselves with can after can of General Foods "International French Vanilla Cafe" coffee instead of perfume.

I am afraid to bring open flame near the coffee filter once it dries...
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Several friends and I have been experimenting with the concept of the Luther Burger for a month or so now.  I have decided to make my contribution to the body of knowledge accumulated thus far.

This is dedicated to Mr. Benjamin sTone who, because our Internet Monkey King loves us, does so many things So We Don't Have To.  You'll always be my Fly Girl, [ profile] benchilada .

Disclaimer: I had to perform all my own photography and stunts without the assistance of a Lovely Wife Sara (LWS).  I do not have a LWS.  In fact I waited until [ profile] robyngoodfelloe  was out of the house so she wouldn't stop me.  As it is, the pictorial evidence of what I've done is limiting my smooch availability.  Ah, what I do for science.

Now, you might be asking yourself "Why is there a Weinerschnitzel chili cheese dog sitting next to a chocolate glazed custard filled bar?"

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