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Gonna do this short and sweet, just hoping you'll trust me:
  1. No, you are not going to die of cancer.  It is safe unless you getting scanned more than 100000 times per year.  This is only likely to happen to the seriously bored TSA agents in East Bumfuck, MO.  
  2. Seriously, chill the fuck out.  I don't need to think of the children because THEY HAVE SKIN, just like you do.
  3. The unborn are just fine.  They get to use your skin.  Chill the fuck out.
  4. Yes, they will see your bits.  Please understand that your bits aren't that interesting.  If they are interesting, you've probably made them that way on purpose.
It is also annoying the shit out of me that they keep quoting the wrong dose limits.  The public dose above and beyond background is limited to 100mrem/yr of deep, penetrating whole body for members of the general public.  The scanners barely penetrate the dead layer of skin.  In this case the only exposure is to a single, rather radio-resistant organ: the skin.  Skin dose limits, by contrast, are 50,000mrem/yr.  Dose per scan is roughly .02mrem.  Please accept that THE DEADLY RADIATIONS are not going to get you and that this is preferable to getting The Grope.  Yes, it is fallible and easily evaded.  It is a very expensive prop in security theater that still requires thoughtful screeners to be useful.  No, I'm not thrilled about them.

I am spending far too much time fielding questions about this.  Don't even get me started on the radio/microwave toxicity fucknuts on the rise in San Francisco.  I can only make my withering glare for questions related to that work in person.
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June 26th-July 13th the lovely [ profile] robyngoodfelloe and I will be coming to Sydney to celebrate the nuptials of the inestimable British Nick, who eight years ago escaped my best bartending efforts and was able to board a plane of escape and thus was not trapped for an entire winter at Pole...until the following year.

A side trip to NZ is likely if puddlejumpers of suitably low cost can be located.  KAOS, consider yourself on notice.
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Plan at this point has us hiking Sections 1 & 2 of The Ridgeway.  This will be a three day hike with pub breaks by my reckoning.

Internet, primarily my Filthy Englanders [ profile] warren_ellis and [ profile] evil_egg , what is in the vicinity of Swindon that I need to see other than the things along The Ridgeway?

Deep racial memory tells me that the Swindon environs are not the most happening place.
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Three weeks in England this June. 

Likely not going any further north than Staffordshire, which means a pull of ribena for me and one for Windscale up in Sellafield ain't happening.  Hiking the Ridgeway, Castle Broughton, Stonehenge, the ever popular wander through the British Museum, and the Cornwall Rail Ale Trails are already on the list.  I'm tempted by the tank museum[info]locopuff went to.  Not sure if I can finagle touristing to any of Britain's nuclear legacy but I may try.

So, Internets, where do I need to go that I haven't thought of?

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