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Alright, I have made an Etsy site with which to sell my wares.  A lovely line of Steins O' Science are available ranging in size from 350mL (about a soda can) to 4.3L (a bit shy of a mini-keg).  I don't currently have a 665mL available yet, but its only a matter of time.

Yeah, they're expensive, for which I apologize.  Such is life when you play with laboratory grade equipment but they've been an awful lot of fun to engineer.

I have also been pimped thusly by the [info]benchilada.  Bless his sTone-y heart.  He always thinks of the children.

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So I ran the numbers to figure out what the price is for you, The Public, to have a Stein O' Science of your very own.  It goes as follows:

350mL stein: $275
665mL stein: $325
1L stein: $375
1.9L stein: $600
4.3L stein: $800

(The 1.9L & 4.3L wissenschaftenstein are proudly featured here)

I could make them cheaper by using an inferior quality dewar, but the inner cryogenics technician balks at the idea.  I know for a fact that both of the steins I've made so far are at least 15 years old and still holding vacuum.  This is no mere thermos; this is a dewar that you can fill with liquid nitrogen (LN2) and it will still have most of the LN2 in there three days later.  That's how good the vacuum is.  Now imagine how cold it will keep your beer...

If you really want one, let me know and I'll see what I can do about making it happen in time for Christmas.  It's already a titch late for Oktoberfest 2009.
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Speaking as a man, I own insufficient tools but there is good reason for this. I do not, in general, have the mechanical aptitude to justify a workshop worth of tools. I only have a plastic bin worth.

However, as a man of a scientific persuasion, my powers of jury rig are quite impressive. These are built by forever not having enough money, the correct tools, and/or even the right parts to a task which may not be defined as you try to do it. This is why if you ask me for a monkeywrench, you're in trouble. If you ask me for precision screwdriver sets, I can give you three...each...of any size or type, metric or standard.

Behold der wissenschaftenstein Mk II, The ChemKeg Dominator, with the Mk I by it's side.

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Been awake three hours on this, the first day of my taking one for the UC Regents. Laundry is done. Vacuuming is complete. A fresh batch of Costa Rica Black Blood of the Earth is steeping. Kitties have fresh poopins. This all feels like more of an accomplishment than a day of paperwork.

In other news, I won Oktoberfest mit der wissenschaftenstein. If I had a steady supply of bench top dewars, I think I'd have a new boutique craft business based on the number of people who declared "OMG I WANT ONE" and didn't flinch at my estimated price.

In summation, beer.

And, for comparative size, this is der wissenschaftenstein sitting next to a 1L maB.

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It began life as a 2L bench top dewar for liquid nitrogen. Now it finds new meaning as it receives a retrofit just in time for Oktoberfest. Oh yes, my beer shall be the coldest and most sciencey.

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