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 I may, perhaps, have done something rather foolish involving a very large Stein of Science, 4.3L of beer, and a pith helmet.  Because, as [ profile] warren_ellis says, LJ is run on steam pipes and rubber bands I must redirect you to the post I made over at Funranium Labs:

Rising To The Challenge - Using the 4.3L Stein of Science
My hand, wrist, and shoulder still hurt.
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But the primary home of the Steins of Science and Coffee Science posts are now over yonder at  Please tune your ears to carnival side show barker for these links:

See! Phil seemingly suffer synesthesia as he drinks his lates concoction of Malabar BBotE.

See! Phil sample his five BBotE samples that had been in the fridge for six months.  Yes, they were left there on purpose.  Lazy failing to clean the fridge was not a factor.

There have been other misadventures.  Of course there have been.  You expect no less.

I look forward to the photodocumentation of me lying on the floor of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, dying of internal bleeding, beneath the wharf tank.  More sharing when there are pics to share.  I love mass casualty drills.
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In light of the recent notoriety I have achieved thanks to the ThrillistSF article and now the spontaneous one on, I am resisting the urge to go hide under the covers or in the closet behind the luggage.  Possibly in the luggage.  I have this voice in the back of my head that is residual security consciousness from the days of having a Q clearance.  It tells me, loudly, "MAINTAIN MINIMAL WEBPRESENCE AT ALL TIMES".  It's part of why I have refused thus far to have a Facebook account.

Don't get me wrong, I've gotten some pretty awesome questions emailed to me that have been tremendous fun thinking about.  Frosty martini prep on a 4-day backpacking expedition with no electricity is my personal favorite at the moment, along with a chance to discuss hot spots of the Mojave Desert.  Actually getting some Steins Of Science out into the world blows my mind along with the reaction that people seem to be as tickled by them as I was when I built my first one.  I'd been doing this as an "maker" project to occupy the idle hands during my furlough time.  Becoming an internexpert isn't something I wasn't expecting.

The hit rate due to Thrillist seems to ebbing now but is ramping up.  And then I have another interview and Three Beer Science Demo on Monday.  Life ain't back to normal obscurity yet.

For your reference, The Three Beer Science Demo

Setup: Get three pints worth of beer, two pint glasses, and one stein of science

Pint 1: Control Beer.  Leave this pint in glass on the table.  Do not drink yet.
Pint 2: Pour into the stein of science.  Put lid on and do not drink yet.
Pint 3: Timekeeper Beer.  Consume this beer at normal rate and have pleasant conversation.

After Pint 3 is done, take sips of Pint 1 & 2 for temperature comparison of relative warming while on the table.  Let minds be blown.  Clean up your experiment by consuming the rest of Pints 1 & 2.

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