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Does anyone else want a chicharrones flu death toll and infections yahoo widget for the corner of their screen?

Perhaps it is just me.

Also, am I the only one that has started playing this game again, naming the diseases after various pork related products?  The Menudo parasite came close to wiping out all humanity.  Only Argentina survived.

I Want One

Feb. 26th, 2009 07:50 pm
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Thank you [ profile] twistedcat .

I also would like the money to buy the land to build one and then build a new house atop it.

I also would like to live in a state where doing such construction wouldn't be considered a seismic code violation.

I'm telling you, I really should have gotten that Atlas missile silo from the school district up in Lincoln...

funranium: (Duck 'n' Cover) Read the story before the intarwubs are cleaned.  The Iranian website I was first sent to has already been purged and no longer exists within a matter of hours of me reading it.

Those are suspiciously familiar sounding symptoms.  If it is what it sounds like to me, this is a fine display of third world mentality playing with badly controlled first world toys to their detriment again.

If the voice in the back of my head that used to have a clearance is correct, this is much, much worse.  Note the shipping path it intended to follow.
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This is my new addiction. I share it with you in hopes that you will successfully wipe out New Zealand, Greenland, and Madagascar simultaneously. Goddamn island nations are tenacious. I think "Total Governmental Collapse" should occur which negates as central government controls, but that's just me. I'd also like to see someone nuke an infected country for good measure. Again, that may just be me.
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The South is still reeling from the genetic effects of the Civil War and Huntsville is no exception, despite the infusion of fine Aryan rocket scientists in the late 40s.  If their plan goes through, Alabama will provide the majority of the breeding stock for the future Homo Troglodytus Americani after the Al Qaeda Holocaust comes to pass.

Even the United States Department of Paranoia (Homeland Security) would describe this plan as "a bit nutty".  That is a quote from an acquaintance in HomSec.
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In my efforts to not be pissed off at my group project for radioecology, I have written this, as requested, and inspired by the [personal profile] benchilada

First off, I want to state that I think there should be a Ministry of Weird Shit.  This is the branch of the government that rolls up the newspaper and baps the other branches of the government on the nose and says, " You aren't old enough to play with this", when Weird Shit is found, created, or drops out of the sky.  Unfortunately, it would probably have to be staffed by Atlanteans or something because no one else who'd volunteer would be competent to do it.

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While in Hawaii, surrounded by the beautiful and destructive power of the Earth, I finally answered a question for myself that had been bothering me for ages.  I am a bad person in that I am humbled, awed, and genuinely appreciative when the slightest of Earth's many fine disasters to chose from obliterates the works of man.  Each one is an object lesson for the survivors and the question is always, "What the hell does it take for people to learn not to (build/live/do this) in *INSERT LOCATION HERE*?"

The answer for Hilo, HI at least is two tsunamis in fourteen years.  

April Fools Day, 1946.   As Hilo was full of newly discharged servicemen and repatriated Japanese from internment camps, a tsunami originating in the Aluetians struck the waterfront.  At the time, the waterfront was Hilo's Japantown, as the Japanese had the big fishing fleet.  Three blocks back, just like most of the cities around the Indian Ocean almost two years ago, Hilo ceased to exist.  A 40' high wave that persisted from 15 minutes killed 169 people.

They picked up their lives.  They rebuilt.  The scope of the disaster actually inspired the creation of the Tsunami Early Warning System.  Fourteen years to the day after the tsunami, the Kamehameha Highway was completed, efficiently linking Hilo with the rest of the Big Island by some method other than air or boat. 

May 23rd, 1960.  A tsunami generated by a magnitude 9.5 earthquake off the coast of Chile the previous day strikes Hilo.  The same three blocks were obliterated again and 61 people died because few people headed the early warning system.

The city fathers decided that it would be wise not to rebuild in that part of town again.  The former Japantown is now a park full of banyan trees, an ornamental garden, and memorials to the dead.

It seems you have to have two of the same act of god in the same place per generation for people to get it.

Hawaii has some very unfortunate geography in that it is in the absoluteldead center of the Pacific, which means that if there is going to be a tsunami generated anywhere on the Ring of Fire then crikey o'blimey it is going to hit Hawaii.  No questions asked, Hawaii bends over for the big salty faWOOOSH!

It brought my thoughts back to my archeological maps of the old Norse settlements in the fjordlands of Greenland and Norway.  Despite the transit times, they were always situated WELL back from the shoreline, sometimes perched above the fjord on one of the over looking cliffs.  Tsunami worthy earthquakes really only hit the Pacific every couple decades or so.  Icebergs drop into the fjords much more often.  I wonder how many lessons it took the Norse to learn to build appropriately.

I mean, New Orleans got flooded twice in a year.  To be fair, flooded once and then topped off a bit later.  Last I heard, the memorial park in the Ninth Ward went nowhere.

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