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I'm tired of arguing about the scanners now.  From now on my answer is going to be, "Yes, it will make your balls ignite and/or uterus fall out.  The TSA will hand remove them if you refuse the scanner.  Don't come near airports; they aren't safe."

The idiots have won.  They've exhausted my patience to teach.  Asshats.
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I've had my fair share over the years and each and every one of them has pulled the scolding day-care-center-mom voice during a cleaning with a remark like "tsk, tsk...we haven't been flossing, have we?"  Is this something they are taught in dental school or is dental hygienist a position that attracts people like this?

Normally, people who are stabbing about in my mouth with sharp implements leave me inclined to be docile. Today was not one of those days. When she took a moment to suck the blood out of my mouth, before she could get back to work I stopped her and said the following:

"Think we can manage to not be a condescending scold?  Some of us are 32, not 3.  I am well aware that I haven't flossed, which is why I am here to get my teeth cleaned.  If you can't manage that without the attitude, I'll take my business elsewhere."

You'd have thought I slapped her.  She finished the cleaning without another word.  Yessir, I'm making friends and influencing people.
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This news story is inaccurate and suffers from great sins of omission.  Slightly better coverage is here.

Based upon first hand accounts, several someones deserve jail time for malfeasance and dereliction of duty.  I will hope for a more complete story to come out.  Suffice it to say, no matter how much dilution of guilt there is and how many people retire rather than be fired, the building is crapped up along with most everything in it.  It is going to be expensive and take a very long time to clean, if it ever is.  A little plutonium goes a very, very long way toward crapping up a big space.  The stuff practically crawls around the room.

The media got one thing right at least, plutonium isn't much of hazard outside the body.  Get it inside however...again, a little goes a very, very long way.
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As of 5:30PM EST, I am in downtown Pittsburgh, PA for the annual Health Physics Society meeting and to take the first part of the certification exam (which is why I am writing this instead of studying, obviously).  I have now, officially, set foot outside of an airport in the old North.  I have somehow made it into my thirties visiting all the states west of the Mississippi minus the Canadian Annex (the Dakotas and Minnesota) yet never been north of South Carolina east of Ol' Muddy 'til now.

It is very unfortunate that it is after 5:30PM EST because downtown Pittsburgh seems to shutdown, except for hotels, at 4PM on Sunday.  Food options were limited to McDonalds and the not that much better but five times as expensive hotel grill.  Oh, and newsstands stay open too, if by "newsstand" you mean "purveyors of porn rags hardcore such that you wouldn't even want to be associated with your penis after looking at them".

As I walked around, it did not think it possible for more sports attire to be displayed than by the mental case patients of the Raider Nation and their cousins who worship the A's.  I am not happy to say that the Pirates and Steelers fans have proved me wrong.  Perhaps it is my proximity to the stadium.

Also, I went to Penn Station because...well...I like train stations.  It is worth noting that Penn Station, PA is extremely different than Penn Station, NY.  I now know this.  What was tasteful and nice from the turn of the last century, designed by Burnham, has since become a very hoity toity apartment building called The Pennsylvanian.  The remainder rump of a station that Amtrak now uses and has the audactiy to call Penn Station is one step up from your typical Greyhound bum toilet.

There is a bizarre mirror surfaced high rise with out buildings that looks like the bastard child of gothic cathedral and a disco ball.  I should have brought my camera, because by the [personal profile] benchilada's rules this building doesn't exist unless I take pictures of it.  By my failure to plan ahead, his reality warping will wink it out of existence the moment he reads this post. 

EDIT: The building is PPG Place.  I thwart you, Senor sTone!

As always, it is shocking at how green the east coast is.  One forgets sometimes that California is pretty much entirely desert in comparison to the land east of the Rockies.  The price is humidity and that sticking to one's self feeling.  On a positive note, there was a bit of a thunderstorm while I waited for my bus from the airport.  I do loves me some sturm und drang.
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Then there is this rampant asshattery:;_ylt=AvcgCb.XVXcRCJlT.aG57OoPLBIF

Science and technology won't stop but it can be made to go very, very slowly. 

Once again, I find the most vehement invective filled slur I can muster to be "Luddite".
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As I recall, Yucca Mountain is already being built prior to its permit being approved since digging a big hole but putting nothing in it is A-OK.  If I am interpreting this correctly, this means they are now trying to get the license that would magically transform a cement lined hole in the ground into the Yucca Mountain Repository...but still not operate.

This was supposed to be up and running in 19fucking68 and it was supposed to be the first of several.  As long as Harry Reid has anything to say about it, this will never go online so long as he draws political breath.  I will be surprised if Yucca Mountain accepts any waste before I retire.
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Dear Rich Drunken Retards,

If you can't be bothered to learn the rules of the game you are playing and you have ten thousand or more dollars that you feel like getting rid of, may I recommend donating to charities rather than playing craps at the same table as me.  You will receive tax write off benefits in addition to not making me feel like a poor choad while standing beside your stinking booze vat ass worth of $100 chips.

Failing that, please just hand me a $25 chip every minute.  Your loss rate will be less than the casino table and I will offer a variety of entertaining stories, bon mots, and general raconteurism in exchange.


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